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Lord Equipment Update

update chest lord equipment bonus

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#1 Lucia



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Posted 20 September 2016 - 11:13 AM

Dear Lords,

Winter or not, a Lord always has to be equipped for harsh times. Boost your Military and Economic skills by equipping your Lord with suitable gear!

You can obtain the 6 pieces of equipment (Helmet, Body Armor, Weapon, Gauntlet, Boots, Accessories) by opening various Chests (from the Store, from the Shop and even as Event Rewards). New chests might also be won via attacks and via clearing up certain Resource Tiles.

The number of items in a Chest depends on its size. The Battle Chests as well as their size are won based on probability and on the losses suffered by the enemy. Gathering Chests spawn with a probability based on the Tile level and may be of different sizes.

The Lord Equipment is stored in the Inventory as more pieces of the same item will allow you to upgrade it up to level 6 by using Silver.

We wish you the best of luck in planning your strategic moves and please share with us your thoughts regarding this update.


Lady Gwyneth & The Age of Lords Team

Post Scriptum tips and tricks for this update:

  1. The Lord Equipment Chest that you receive goes to My Items -> Chests  from where you press "Use Item". Normally, you should also  press "Collect", but even if you don't and you just press "x", the items (the Equipment) will go directly in the Lord Menu. (More -> Lord).

  2. You can upgrade your piece of Equipment only if you have enough Items of that type of Equipment and the amount of Silver required for that upgrade.

  3. The Color of the Chest indicates the size of the Equipment Chest.

  4. There are 6 categories of equipment: Helmet, Body Armor, Weapon, Gauntlet, Boots, Accessories. You can equip your Lord only with one item of the same category at a time. For example, if you have more types of Weapons (Blade of the Lone Traveller, Arm of Emperor etc.), you can equip your Lord with only one type of Weapon at a time. Equipping with a second one will only cancel the previous one.


As for the colors their role is merely to suggest the diversity of the 4 sets. There are 4 sets of colours and each set contains the 6 items of the same color. For example the green set contains one green sword, one green armor, one green pair of boots one pair of gloves, one green helmet and one green ring. And this applies for the rest of the 3 colors.


As more questions arise we will update this message so everyone will get a comprehensive guide on how to use the Lord Equipment.

Types of Chests:   





Not enough Items to upgrade   ->  rsz_pasted_image_at_2016_09_20_01_45_pm.






Enough Items to upgrade:     ->       rsz_pasted_image_at_2016_09_20_01_47_pm.

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Posted 02 October 2016 - 05:57 PM

I was really excited about this update. Myself and many alliance members had been saving gold for weeks, knowing something would be released. Unfortunately after spending much gold, upgrading many pieces of equipment, testing equipment in attacks and doing the math on the attack/health/defense boosts we are very disappointed :(
MANY veteran players are hoping for more game activity ...through attack. It is too easy to grow to 200 million power and over in this game...and far too difficult to attack this power. We are bored!
After the release everyone was given level 1 gear for free, through the equipment chest given as a gift and through completing events.
The bonus you get for level 1 attack gear, for example gauntlets of wealth give ranged attack 30%...by level 5 it has only gained 30%. Yes it has doubled in boost but it is in no way proportionate to the amount of gold and silver you will spend to get that lvl 5. Each level up in gear take 4 times the amount of items to upgrade, but only gives an extra 10% boost? We must spend 1.3 to 1.5 million on gold to achieve a 30% boost on a piece of gear, which when attacking a large castle will have no noticeable advantage.
People are quitting the game at rapid rate because game play is stagnant! We need competition...if the gear is going to cost a multiple of 4 for each upgrade, give us the same increase in boost. We need 1024 items for level 6 gear...over 2 million gold. Don't you think that deserves a significantly higher boost than you are giving.

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